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Craftsmanship-Entrepreneur Sponsorship Program


JYZJ university is at the forefornt in educating highly skilled and knowledgeable students. JYZJ uses the latest experimental equipment. Many products are developed in the laboratory first and then put into production. NPD benefits from the unversity’s expertise and cutting edge technology. JYZJ university engages in researching and developing new technology. NPD and JYZJ cooperate togther, using the latest technology to develop the products the market requires. NPD has now signed a contract with JYZJ University to advance the latest technology and promote the development of university teaching, scientific research and social productivity.


NPD’s Entrepreneurship Program has organized and launched various educational programs and trained a large number of outstanding successful entrepreneurs. NPD's entrepreneurship Program was established in 2008. Its specific functions include: 

● It provides direct support and guidance for college students.

● It provides students with academic courses on entrepreneurship.

● It advances teaching methods and community development.


NPD’s Entrepreneurship Program focuses on the close cooperation between universities and enterprise, with special emphasis on knowledge innovation and results. JYZJ university, local govenment and companies form a symbiotic, self-sustaining "ecosystem". NPD has committed to continued support and funding of the JYZJ Entrepreneurship Program.