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Taihu, Wuxi, is located in the Yangtze River Delta, located in the center of the rich Shanghai, Ningxia and Hangzhou Delta. Taihu has vast waters with an area of 36 thousand and 400 hectares. There are many islands in Taihu, with more than 50 existing areas, with a total area of 89.7 square kilometers. Taihu Lake, the total length of the lake shore 405 km, water level 3.14 meters, 68.55 km long north-south, East-West maximum width 56 km, average width 34.11 km. The lake basin is a shallow saucer, with an area of 2427.8 square kilometers calculated by the shoreline and 2338.1 square kilometers (482 square kilometers narrowed in 30 years) removed from the islands. It is the third largest freshwater lake in China.

Jiangyin fortress Forest Park




Jiangyin Fortress National Forest Park is located in the suburbs of Jiangyin, with an area of 273 hectares. Mount Huangshan, 91.5 meters above sea level, confronts Gushan in the north of the Yangtze River, forming the second gateway to the Yangtze River, following Wu'oukou. It has always been a fortress with natural barriers.