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Company R & D

NPD's strategy is to use the latest processing technology to provide customers with the best plastic processing plan. The challenges faced by design engineers, in all walks of life, inspire us to constantly develop new technology, improve processes, and expand our capabilities.Innovation is the main driving force of our growth. It is also what gives us a competitive edge, placing us as a market leader in this field.


In many cases, we have been able to create excellent solutions, using innovative combinations of existing materials and processes.Of course, if that still doesn't meet the demand, NPD uses university and market


leading experts to find the best solutions. Usually, this process is completed in close cooperation with key customers. Therefore, our R & D activities are closely aligned with market demand. Good R & D is an integral part of the NPD business model, prompting us to set up University Enterprise Cooperation Program. While focusing less on commercial operations, the project helps NPD form its own network in the academic arena, in line with the latest developments. In the future, this will become a valuable resource for our customers. In addition, unprecedentedly, we can now share existing resources. With so many resources, we are not limited to a few specific materials, giving us more options when finding the best soultions. Therefore, NPD is not only an independent consultant to our customers, but also an important partner.


Please feel free to contact us, share your needs. We will use NPD’s unique R & D network to find the best solution!

Company R & D