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Wuxi Government Visit

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2019/01/16 12:16
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Under the leadership of huang qin, the mayor of wuxi and his party of 7 made an inspection of nopod machinery in jiangyin city. Yu qiuhao, vice mayor of jiangyin municipal people's government, accompa

 Under the leadership of Shizhengzhou, the mayor of Wuxi and his 7 colleagues made an inspection of NPD company, accompanied by Yu qiuhao, vice mayor of Jiangyin municipal people's government, vice chairman of Jiangyin CPPCC, person in charge of Jiangyin municipal development and reform commission, finance bureau, human resources and social security bureau and relevant department heads.


The investigation team carried out a comprehensive investigation on NPD company according to the process specification. First of all, Yu qiuhao, vice mayor of Jiangyin municipal people's government, made a detailed report to the investigation group on the current situation and specific development of this company, and led the investigation group to visit the school-enterprise cooperation project of NPD company. 
Then, the investigation group divided the members into three groups. One group conducted individual interviews and symposiums and reviewed relevant materials, the other two groups summarized various situations of the evaluation and investigation, formed the opinions of the investigation and gave feedback. The investigation team fully affirmed the achievements made in the overall management, connotation construction and school-enterprise cooperation of NPD company. It is suggested that Jiangyin municipal government should change its concept, give priority to school-enterprise cooperation, further increase the investment in cooperative education, accelerate the integration of vocational education resources, provide more policy support to NPD company and form a favorable policy environment for the development of the company.
Under the strong support of Jiangyin municipal people's government, we will continue to make efforts to forge ahead and make NPD achieve greater development and progress.
Wuxi Government Visit